Canning unit


Canning unit

All lines used by world-class manufacturers in this industry have been purchased, installed and commissioned, such as:

K-H Germany KRUPP Germany L.T.G Mailander Germany Soudronic Switzerland

The production capacity of the selected lines is very high, so that it produces two lines with a speed of 800 cans per minute and three lines with a speed of 600 cans per minute. At present, raw materials such as Aleppo sheet, cans of varnish and welding seam powder are supplied from foreign sources such as Germany, France, Italy, etc. Also, other consumables such as copper wire and rubber liquid are also purchased from domestic manufacturers. ..

Introducing different types of cans:

1 kg or 1000 g cans in heights of 110, 10.9, 8/10 with a diameter of 99 are produced in printed form and without printing. (3-piece can)
The half-kilogram or 400-gram can at height 102 and 103 with a diameter of 73 is unprinted and printed. (3-piece can)
Tensile can or 180 or 200 g in height of 41/9 and 44 and diameter 84 with and without printing (2-piece can)


Uses of cans:

1 kg cans: tomato paste, oil, milk powder, pickles, pistachios and nuts, offal, stews and other food and non-food items, including industrial oils, animal feed and …

Half a kilogram can: stew (minced meat), beans, lentils, mushrooms, stew, paste, canned compotes and nuts, canned animal foods, etc.

180 g cans: canned tuna, stew, nuts, animal foods and …

Cans market:

Can production capacity:

Up to a capacity of 800 million units per year

Annually, 1.5 billion to 2 billion cans are needed in the country, and our share of can production is 25 to 30 percent of the country’s market share.

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