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Iran Quti Manufacturing Company was established in 1979 by Mr. Hossein Monshizadeh Azar in order to exceed fifty years of continuous commercial and commercial activity of the family.

Responsibility, commitment, service and quality of the program and the permanent method of the company and always strives to improve these points.

The company with the most modern lines of varnishing and printing and manufacturing of cans from Switzerland and Germany, with a capacity of more than 600 million cans per year, has the highest official capacity of the operating license in Iran.

Having an experienced and specialized workforce in all production lines, having a partner laboratory (standard) and also having the first standard in the country in the metal canning industry is one of the honors of Iran Ghoti Company. It also has HACCP, ISO22000, ISO9001, ISO17025 certifications.

The biggest asset of the company is customer satisfaction and we always strive and are proud to add and quantify this capital.

Some of the services and features of Iran Quti:
Holder of the first standard seal in the country’s can industry
Holder of reference laboratory in the country’s can industry
The first holder of iso and haccp certification in the canning industry
Equipped with 16 fully automatic production lines with a capacity of over six hundred million units per year
The most equipped and modern can factory in the country
The factory products currently include 9 sizes of cans (2 and 3 pieces) in sizes of 70 to 1000 grams.
After-sales service and reliance on high quality is still our priority in this field

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