What is a can and what is it used for?

The word canned is derived from the Greek word canned meaning to protect. Therefore, it can be said that the purpose of the word canning in the food industry is to create conditions under which the desired product can be stored for a long time. As a result, from a general point of view, all preservation methods such as using heat, cold, additives, radiation, etc. are in fact a kind of canning method.

Canning purposes

The general goals of canning technology can be summarized as follows:

1. Food storage using heat and prevention of microbial, enzymatic, chemical and physical spoilage of food and food protection with proper packaging

۲. Simplify the steps of storage, transportation and consumption of food

3. Possibility to use some seasonal products in other seasons of the year

Another advantage of this goal is the economic aspect, which to a large extent prevents the increase of the product price in its many seasons.

v Collection of canning operations

It can be said that the following steps are used in the production of most canned foods:

1. Selection and preparation of appropriate raw materials:

Includes harvesting and receiving the product by the factory.

۲. Preparation of raw materials:

At this stage, different operations are performed depending on the type of raw material, including:

– Cleaning and washing

It is a single operation that is performed to isolate and remove various contaminants in raw materials. The result is an improvement in the overall quality of the product and an effective and efficient process.

The most important raw food contaminants are shown in the table below:

The most important goals in the different cleaning process:

Consumability: Elimination of most harmful contaminants in health and maintaining the desired purity of food

– Product uniformity: to increase marketability

– Reduce microbial load and prevent the spread of corruption

– Help to carry out an effective process: in order to prevent damage to equipment by removing foreign materials such as rocks, particles and… as well as help sterilization by reducing microbial load

– Elimination of chemical agents

– Reaching the level of product quality standards

3. Enzyme depletion or inactivation of enzymes:

Enzymatic blanching is a relatively gentle heat process to inactivate enzymes in vegetables and some fruits. Although a small number of vegetables such as onions and green peppers do not need to inactivate enzymes during storage, most of them will be significantly spoiled if the blanching operation is eliminated or defective.

In canning, this process is used only to avoid undesirable changes in the color and texture of vegetables in the distance between slicing and sterilization.

Most fruits are canned without enzymatic action, but in the case of peaches, this process is often used to prevent browning after peeling.


What is a metal can and what are its uses?

Prior to the development of the canning industry, human society faced many problems with the transportation and distribution of food products, and issues such as spoilage, made it possible for any product to be used only for a short time and in a very limited geographical area. But it was the invention of the metal can that added the canning process to the food industry, and with the help of the can industry, humanity was able to overcome many limitations. Large companies are among the leaders in this industry in the country. In this article, we will talk about what and how to make metal cans and we will introduce you to its types.

Metal cans and its types

A metal can is actually a kind of metal container whose outer sheet is made of a combination of a special and special type of tin-plated steel, and it is also called all-discharge tin. Contrary to popular belief, canning industries are among the specialized and laborious industries, which will affect many issues in the quality of their products. The inner layer of a metal can is made of a special varnish that makes it suitable for use in some industries such as food industry.

In addition to the special varnish used in canning, the type of welding and the method of connecting the various components of the can is also of great importance. A simple metal can consists of three parts: the body, the top plate and the bottom plate. The body is actually a rectangular sheet and the top and bottom parts are circular. In order for the lid of a metal can to weld perfectly to the body without the slightest seam, it is necessary to use a special type of welding by heat and powder, and especially for the food industry, it is important to do this correctly so as not to contaminate the contents of the can. It will be very high.

It should also be noted that different types of metal cans in different industries can be made of different alloys, and it is the application of the type of can that determines the exact material of the varnish and metal. Metal cans include round cans, square cans, easy-to-open cans, kitchen cans, decorative cans, and more. In the following, we will talk about the different applications of the canning industry, in which we can better understand the types of metal cans.

The main applications of canning

In general, we can see the various uses of metal cans in our daily lives in abundance. From the kitchen to the private room, as well as in all the shops, the traces of the canning industry can be easily seen. Among these, the most common use of metal cans is related to packaging in various industries, some of which are named below:

Paint and resin industry

Metal cans are used for packaging oil paints and some other petrochemical products such as sealants, oil polishes, killers, etc.

Car oil

If you’ve been to car oil change centers, you’ve probably seen that many types of car oils are packaged in round cans or rectangular cans.

Cosmetics industry

Many cosmetic products, such as fragrances and hair sprays, also use metal cans.

Food industry

Perhaps the most common use of metal can products is in the food industry. The types of pastes, compotes, canned and ready-to-eat foods that are important to protect against bacterial growth and perishability are all packaged in metal cans. In this area, the most variety of metal cans can be seen

Decorations and artifacts

In addition to the mentioned industries, decorative metal cans are also produced in the market for personal use at home, such as cans of spices, biscuits, food, and the like, which are found in many kitchens, as well as some Another of these cans is the storage of personal belongings in their room.

Types of metal can lids

Another important issue in the canning industry is the production of cans and their connection methods. Since the complete overlap of the metal can is very important and even an air molecule should not be allowed to enter the can, so the types of metal can lids play a significant role in this. The types of metal can lids include the following:

Simple can lid: This type of lid is opened by manual or automatic door openers and is one of the oldest types of can lid.
Easy to open can lid: This type of can lid has a handle on it, which is used to remove the can lid, which is pressed on the can by a precise press. Such doors can be found in canned fish and soft drinks.
Combined door: Some doors have another door on them. If you look at oil tin cans, this rectangular or round can has a smaller pressed circle at the top of the lid that is used as the oil lid. Also, car oils, which are usually rectangular cans, have a prominent lid on the top lid of the can.
Plastic cap: You have probably seen a plastic lid that protects the can in the packaging of tomato paste or fruit compote or semi-solid and solid oils. This is also a type of door for products that are used in several stages.


The importance of packaging for goods and products

Most manufacturers may believe that the product itself and its gift are more important than the packaging, while packaging can play a very important role in the success or failure of a product. The purpose of product packaging is to protect against possible damage and to show a good quality appearance. The packaging of the product not only protects the product during transportation from the manufacturer to the consumer, but also prevents damage to the shelves of shops and advertises the product directly without the need for another person.

Packaging is of great importance in the protection, storage and hygienic handling of goods and plays an important and key role in the marketing of those goods. “The importance of packaging,” says one industry leader.

Packaging is the most important form of advertising that is available at the most critical stage of the purchase; The moment the customer makes a purchase.

Products are packaged in different ways, for example, soup should be in one package as a container and packaging, while apples may have special packaging for transportation, as well as packaging of different products depending on the type Have the desired product. The attractiveness of how a product is packaged may also draw the customer’s attention to the product being purchased.

For this reason, many companies do extensive research on the design, color and type of packaging of the product, which is more intended to attract the consumer, and packaging also plays an important role in portraying information about the product. Plays.

The outer packaging may include an explanation of how the product is used or made. The decision to purchase packaging may contain ingredients and nutritional information about the product. This information can also help sell the product as it allows customers to get the information they need about the product and decide to buy. The information in a package may encourage the reader to buy the product without having to talk to the store clerk.

Packaging differentiation can also differentiate one product from another. Because the packaging of each product includes the company name, logo and color scheme of the company produced and it helps consumers to identify and select the desired product in the midst of competition between different brands.

For example, many customers recognize the product they need by the color and size of the product. Identify and use If the size or color of the selected product always changes, the customer will not be able to identify the new packaging. This does not mean that the customer can not distinguish the product from other products or no longer wants to use that product. It is only a visual error until the customer notices that the packaging is changed. This error will continue because customers remember less brands and most purchases are made according to the product packaging.

Packaging may seem like a small issue, but in fact it is very important in selling products that the reasons for efficiency, attractiveness, decision to buy, promotion and differentiation are not insignificant in the sales market.

Design and packaging of goods

Today, due to the increase of companies and factories to produce all kinds of goods and products, competition between them has increased in the same proportion, and in the meantime, packaging of goods is one of the factors creating competition, because it is a powerful tool. It is for selling goods, so that most factories spend a lot of time, money and effort in designing and packaging their products.

The design and packaging of the goods should be different according to the customers’ tastes, age, gender, and so on.

For example, goods suitable for children should have happy packaging and coloring and cartoon or have a picture of a popular character among them to attract children to buy, or vice versa for women of beautiful, delicate and appropriate colors and designs. Be used with their spirits.

New designs and packaging for some old factories backfire because they have been introducing their products with their own packaging for decades, in fact the people of the community have recognized the brand with its own design. Changes in these packages will change people’s perceptions and reduce their sales.

The product should be designed and packaged in such a way that in addition to the aesthetic effects to attract the customer, it can protect the product so that it can be delivered safely to the customer and be practical so that it can be easily transported and also with Attention to the needs of the community and ethnicity and race and the basic equipment and facilities of the area should be designed so that there is no problem to produce the desired product. Graphic design of packaging

Photos, designs, roles, images and illustrations for packaging are one of the influential factors in graphic design of packaging. The role of design and image in packaging can be likened to a force to help visualize and understand the contents of a package.

Design and image, structure, logo and color in creating character and ability depending on the role and completes the design of the package.

The role of graphic design, successful printing and packaging of a product in export, entering global markets and thus increasing the production and sale of goods is undeniable, while our domestic industry from having such a successful thinking to a large extent They are far away.

In any case, the weakness of the step

Our current producers in this field indicate that our country is lagging behind the global convoy of this artistic and influential approach.

Another sub-branch of applied graphic art is packaging graphic design, which can also be considered in advertising. Packaging design uses art, science and technology at the same time to have a projectable effect on the critical eyes of the Iranian people. People with very diverse tastes. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to aesthetic elements, the practical aspect of graphic art is targeted to create the work.

The art of packaging design can be considered as one of the most sensitive sub-branches of applied graphics, because consumer and producer satisfaction must be considered by the design artist along with the scientific principles of design. The art of packaging design has penetrated into the daily lives of human beings.

For different goods, different packages with different materials and different designs are used. In some packages, such as metal cans or cardboard packages, the contents of the package are not clear and the buyer can not see the desired item.

This is where the graphic designer draws the customer’s trust to buy the product by drawing an image and a suitable role of the contents inside the package and creating a suitable graphic platform. Of course, these photos and images are used in different ways and methods in packaging design, depending on the type of product, audience and target market. Sometimes, depending on the audience, it is necessary to use images and symbolic designs. Sometimes the package needs an illustrated character and sometimes real or graphic images of the contents of the package will play a more effective role, of course, all of this to the knowledge of the graphic designer and his knowledge of design and graphics and the market.

A successful packaging design, with the right design or images with it, can be more successful in the target market than other competitors, something that Iran faces in this regard with many challenges.

In successful packages, having an image has become a necessity and beautiful and colorful images attract the eyes of the audience. Even having a photo motivates and stimulates the increase in the purchase of goods and convinces a person to buy the desired product even once. In this case, consumers recognize them by their closed design and role, which have become a kind of logo. Of course, if the designs and patterns on the package are continuous and defined in the designs, they can become the symbol of that brand.

But sometimes a good photo gives more power and impact to the design, so that the use of more photos has been welcomed by designers and packaging makers. Photos are used in all packages to create attractiveness and introduction of the product, especially in items that have a special decorative or functional aspect, the photo and image help the audience to identify the desired product or use it better. Understand.

The designer must have complete information about the power of the visual elements; He chooses the best color, form, design, image and text for its packaging according to the study of society’s conditions and studying the consumption process of the product. In addition, the designer must have sufficient mastery in recognizing and psychology of colors and his own design. Implement based on it.

Packaging design and the importance of color in it

In general, color is the first thing that the viewer understands from the packaging. The shape and text, after the color, attract the customer, so color is one of the most important motivational factors in buying a product.

Beautiful design and graphics in the packaging can target the feelings of buyers, which can: create a sense of luxury of the product and in return, create a sense of low value of a product.

In this regard, you must be careful in choosing colors. For example, using pink or black in any type of packaging is not beautiful. Also, the use of red and orange colors that attract the attention and stimulate the audience and attract the consumer’s gaze can be used. Crowded packaging design, providing too much information on the package and excessive use of cold and dark colors are some of the mistakes that can be mentioned in the design and graphics of the packages.

Some forms, colors and images in a culture have found special meanings. Thus, the culture of the consumer group is on a designer’s priority list for depicting and designing a package, especially when the product is produced for export.

The point to consider is the use of colors instead:

For example, green color, depending on the use, can indicate corruption and decay, and on the other hand, can indicate freshness and freshness. In choosing the color of food products and beverages, in addition to the color of food can be according to the characteristics of the group. Consumers use colors as a powerful tool. For example, in the design of herbal tea boxes, you can use soft and delicate colors that are synonymous with herbal products.

But the case of real tea can be created by using a dark background, a sense of product quality in the customer and the use of related images gives a kind of individuality to the product.

Another point is that although the use of color printing is valuable, but designers in some cases resort to bold choices and use monochrome packaging.

For example, in the case of special men’s products, the use of minimal colors can represent a strong and masculine message, and blue, green and yellow colors are used to evoke freshness and life and create a sense of trust in the product packaging.

Using these colors is one of the simplest and most eloquent

It is a method used to show the coolness and freshness of the packaging of products such as mineral water and vegetables and fruits.

Sometimes to create seductive effects and excellent quality, you can use some gold or silver in color with metallic colors of blue, brown, turquoise and gray and tan.

Finally, it should be noted that the choice of color in the packaging should be careful enough to feel it on the target group.

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