What is a metal can and what are its uses?

Prior to the development of the canning industry, human society faced many problems with the transportation and distribution of food products, and issues such as spoilage, made it possible for any product to be used only for a short time and in a very limited geographical area. But it was the invention of the metal can that added the canning process to the food industry, and with the help of the can industry, humanity was able to overcome many limitations. Large companies are among the leaders in this industry in the country. In this article, we will talk about what and how to make metal cans and we will introduce you to its types.

Metal cans and its types

A metal can is actually a kind of metal container whose outer sheet is made of a combination of a special and special type of tin-plated steel, and it is also called all-discharge tin. Contrary to popular belief, canning industries are among the specialized and laborious industries, which will affect many issues in the quality of their products. The inner layer of a metal can is made of a special varnish that makes it suitable for use in some industries such as food industry.

In addition to the special varnish used in canning, the type of welding and the method of connecting the various components of the can is also of great importance. A simple metal can consists of three parts: the body, the top plate and the bottom plate. The body is actually a rectangular sheet and the top and bottom parts are circular. In order for the lid of a metal can to weld perfectly to the body without the slightest seam, it is necessary to use a special type of welding by heat and powder, and especially for the food industry, it is important to do this correctly so as not to contaminate the contents of the can. It will be very high.

It should also be noted that different types of metal cans in different industries can be made of different alloys, and it is the application of the type of can that determines the exact material of the varnish and metal. Metal cans include round cans, square cans, easy-to-open cans, kitchen cans, decorative cans, and more. In the following, we will talk about the different applications of the canning industry, in which we can better understand the types of metal cans.

The main applications of canning

In general, we can see the various uses of metal cans in our daily lives in abundance. From the kitchen to the private room, as well as in all the shops, the traces of the canning industry can be easily seen. Among these, the most common use of metal cans is related to packaging in various industries, some of which are named below:

Paint and resin industry

Metal cans are used for packaging oil paints and some other petrochemical products such as sealants, oil polishes, killers, etc.

Car oil

If you’ve been to car oil change centers, you’ve probably seen that many types of car oils are packaged in round cans or rectangular cans.

Cosmetics industry

Many cosmetic products, such as fragrances and hair sprays, also use metal cans.

Food industry

Perhaps the most common use of metal can products is in the food industry. The types of pastes, compotes, canned and ready-to-eat foods that are important to protect against bacterial growth and perishability are all packaged in metal cans. In this area, the most variety of metal cans can be seen

Decorations and artifacts

In addition to the mentioned industries, decorative metal cans are also produced in the market for personal use at home, such as cans of spices, biscuits, food, and the like, which are found in many kitchens, as well as some Another of these cans is the storage of personal belongings in their room.

Types of metal can lids

Another important issue in the canning industry is the production of cans and their connection methods. Since the complete overlap of the metal can is very important and even an air molecule should not be allowed to enter the can, so the types of metal can lids play a significant role in this. The types of metal can lids include the following:

Simple can lid: This type of lid is opened by manual or automatic door openers and is one of the oldest types of can lid.
Easy to open can lid: This type of can lid has a handle on it, which is used to remove the can lid, which is pressed on the can by a precise press. Such doors can be found in canned fish and soft drinks.
Combined door: Some doors have another door on them. If you look at oil tin cans, this rectangular or round can has a smaller pressed circle at the top of the lid that is used as the oil lid. Also, car oils, which are usually rectangular cans, have a prominent lid on the top lid of the can.
Plastic cap: You have probably seen a plastic lid that protects the can in the packaging of tomato paste or fruit compote or semi-solid and solid oils. This is also a type of door for products that are used in several stages.

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